Testimonials and Feedback

 “You really hit the mark with my reading. You certainly have a great gift. Thank you so much.” Beth

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I was absolutely thrilled to receive the reading. I believe you were spot on. Thank you also for all the advice and help you have given me about turning my life around into a more positive mindset. I felt I was communicating with a true friend. ” Kay

“Thanks so much for my reading.Its helped me a great deal and put my mind at rest. Best Wishes, Beryl.

“Excellent – thanks – spot on!” = ‘E’

“Thank you for listening, you have gone above and beyond what I have paid for”

“I’m impressed”  – Twelve Month Forecast Reading – also answering some questions.

“Awesome”  – Twelve Month forecast Reading – also answering some questions.

“I am blown away. thank you for my reading. It is accurate. I am glad I picked you to do my reading. I am still digesting this information. I have bought the book. I realise I have to be patient now and let the miracles happen.

Thank you I feel so much better.

best wishes


“Incredible. Very accurate and pertinent reading which highlighted all the things in my life which needed addressing and also provided advice.

A very caring, genuine and compassionate lady who has a natural gift to go beyond the usual generalisations in usual readings to provide a full picture of where you’ve been in life, where you are now and where you’re likely to be going.” – Andy

“Morning Barbara 

Thank you so much for my reading. It has brought great comfort to me at my time of need.

I feel that is something that is very priceless to me.

I got my answers by reading and assuring myself that I am in control and the decisions I’m making are what’s right for me, nobody else.

I wish you love and happiness in your future.

Till the next time

Huge hugs and love”

“Thank you for my fantastic reading.

You truly are what everyone says about you. ”

“Dear Barbara, the email reading arrived…..

I read it just now!! I truly feel your love, compassion and desire to help. Thank you so much for helping me get through this.

As I see my family suffer I think I need to suffer… I noticed you repeated that I need to take care of myself and do what makes me happy—which for me is being creative and helping others! Thank you so much for reminding me repeatedly!! This is very very important for me to heed.

Thank you for all your lovely tips. I love Doreen Virtue very much. Actually I read her book on lightworkers way back in the early 2000s…..

I am very grateful for the wisdom and insight you have given me. thank you so so much.”

“Thank you so much for this insightful reading! Much appreciated and I’ll reread it several times I am sure!”

“Thank you so much Barbara for all the detailed information.  I have read all of the above and tears are streaming down my face………”

“Thank you Barbara, it was spot on.”

“awesome reading. ….will buy again. ..thx”

“Just a thank you for the oracle card reading, it was very helpful. After much thought I decided to make the changes I was thinking about.  It was a very difficult decision because as you pointed out I did feel very guilty about everything and I was thinking of other people and not myself.  But when it came down to it I just couldn’t let things stay as they were, it just didn’t feel right and I wasn’t happy in how my life was progressing. It was such a shame as things were fine  in the beginning, but I just felt it wasn’t meant to be as one thing after another just continuously went wrong. As you predicted my decisions were not taken well at all.  They were not  interested in these new  ideas so unfortunately I have called it a day.  I am still very sad but know I have done the right thing.”

“Good Morning Barbara

As always im grateful that you have replied to my email and just in reading your reply has give me the focus that i need.

You are very different from other psychics as myself and my wife have tried the so called top psychics in the country.

You are without doubt the best ive had a reading from you are so close in what you are saying and this has been in

everything you have said to me in regards to my life past,present and future.My wife and I seen some top psychics  and they are

not a patch on you,they are  all about entertainment where as  you get to the core of the issue.

once again Barbara thankyou.

Kindest regards


“Wonderful insight, thank you!

“Big, big love and huge, huge thanks Barbara for shining a light through this darkness.

You don;t know what comfort all this brings me.

“Helpful information and very nice person to deal with, I highly recommend Barbara”

“Very insightful, accurate and helpful info, well worth the price, thank you!”

“Reading exceeded my expectations, was very helpful and substantial. I think Barbara is truly gifted and definitely recommend her!”

“Barbara, thank you! This is very helpful. Best wishes! J”

“Thank you so much Barbara. This was a wonderful reading. You hit on so many of the things that are happening or have happen in my life. I have continued with my psychic studies, though a little hit and miss. I will be more diligent in my studies. It’s finally nice to know the name of my guardian angel and I thank her for watching over me and keeping safe. Twice I could have died and I owe it to her that I didn’t. Again Barbara thank you for the reading. Blessings to you.”

“Huge thanks Barbara – what a gem and a rock you are.”


“One of the best psychics in the U K today.”

“Thank you for your advice. Your accuracy is getting scary

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come back to me, I really did appreciate it, and I did find it calmed me too.”

“Still stunned by your reading‏! The reading provided by Barbara was very powerful indeed. Really amazing. When I first read it, many things were happening in my life and I had to skim through. Later, on re-reading there is a kind of wake-up call coming through. The reading is direct and there is within it an absolute sense of strong messages and even more, a positive implication of direction. Considering this was as a result of communication by e-mail, it is quite wonderful. Thank you Barbara.” Paulie Owen

Mediumship Reading

“Your words from my Gran I have carried all my life, it has truly meant so much. Its what you said and I have carried close to my heart for many years, I’m happy for the world to see my name right by your statement as every word was true and there isn’t anyway you could of possibly known my closely guarded family secret, so as not to upset my Gran.Sometimes in the down points in my life I have drawn on your words and known we can truly connect with spirit and I must never doubt my faith.You also told me I would live at number 8, and many years after coming to see you I did move to number 8 and that’s where I live now.I never told my grandmother that i had separated & then divorced my husband, I always remember that you picked up on it and said to me “ Well i have Gran here now and she says she knows now” Always carried your words…..through the years its kept that strong belief in spirit…Many many times i think of yours words.You also told me i would work in a guest house…Haven’t yet, but have a very strong link with a guy that owns one.Thank you for my lovely reading very accurate …Kindest regards Micaela” (Testimonial from two readings for Micaela)

Business Advice

“Thank you so much for the reading, it really was excellent and exactly everything I needed to hear at this time in my life. You gave me so much more than a normal reading as you also  gave me business advice for  which I am very grateful..I do feel in debt to you Regards E”

Soul Coach Readings

“Thank you so much for my quick reply of my soul reading. You are spot on that I need to concentrate more on studying spiritual projects and to gain balance in my life rather than concentrating on my little girl and my home. I need to do something for me and I really feel I want to follow the healing profession which I feel I would love. Thank you so much. With love and light K. X  This client actually bought another reading from me and was just as satisfied, if not more so, with the second reading.

“Thank you for the soul coach reading it was very accurate and I could fully understand what you said.  I thoroughly recommend your readings. Kind Regards, R.”

Other Testimonials.

Very insightful, accurate and helpful info, well worth the price, thank you!

Reading exceeded my expectations, was very helpful and substantial. I think Barbara is truly gifted and definitely recommend her!

It was most helpful!!
It has helped me see a path through my confusion and I feel more settled and at ease because of it.
I am very grateful to you!”

“thank you, so much.. You. are. a. star ‘ I did say WOW a lot and couldn’t believe how spot on you are.”thank you so much for the reading, which exceeded my expectations ~ wonderful!””

Thank you for the reading. It was just what I needed to hear right now in this moment.””you were spot-on, on most bits.”“Such a talented caring lovely person… She went over and beyond for me and was so accurate. She’s a truly lovely highly gifted clairvoyant. She’s worth every penny she went out if her way to help me!”“

Reading exceeded my expectations, was very helpful and substantial. I think Barbara is truly gifted and definitely recommend her!”

“Thank you for your advice. Your accuracy is getting scary.”

Your advice has saved me thousands of pounds since 2009!

Just wondered if you could put my mind at easy again im always better once ive spoken or had a message from you.

Thank you so much for your promptness…..lots to think about……I will most certainly be a repeat customer.

Fantastic! Very detailed, picked up on details (not disclosed prior), Would recommend and come back again!

Such a talented caring lovely person… She went over and beyond for me and was so accurate. She’s a truly lovely highly gifted clairvoyant. She’s worth every penny she went out if her way to help me!

beautifull reading,in depth much more than expected would 100% use again,so sorry for late feedback.

Lovely lady, lovely reading with a new perspective on things-very grateful. x x x

Lovely insightful reading. Given me so much hope. Will definitely do another reading in the near future. Many Thanks Barbara

“WOW! Thank you Barbara. I had forgotten! Feel better already, lighter and lifted. Thank youAMAZING reading! More then I could ask for and extremely helpful. Thank you thank you 

Love and Light” ~ JL.