Lost Pets, Lost Cats, Lost Dogs

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Lost Pets, Lost Cats, Lost Dogs


Lost Pets, Lost Cats, Lost Dogs

I have helped a number of people be re-united with their lost pets.

Cats and dogs - both in the U K and abroad (USA).

The way I work is as follows:

! - You contact me with pet’s name and how it is pronounced. For example you may have a dog called Ben but he answers to the name Benny or even Sweetie!

2 - We make phone contact if at all possible or it can be done via email or messenger.

3 - I tune into the spirit world and your lost pet and give you what I am given.

4 - I like you to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘I understand.’ The fewer words you use the better the connection with spirit. Spirit answer to your voice and/or messages. I am like a telephone and repeat what spirit give to me.

5 - Spirit then give instructions on how and where to find your pet or how it will be brought back to you (maybe dog warden has your pet or RSPCA or rescue centre has your pet or cat)

6 - We work on information given by spirit to help re-unite you with your pet.

7 - I also use prayer as this is very important. “Dear St. Francis, St Anthony, Archangels Gabriel, Raphael , Phelyai, and Michael, Earth, Air Wind, Water and Fire Dragons, and the Unicorns I ask that you re-unite ………(your pet’s name) with their human - RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. Thank you.” I also ask my guides and guardian angels and yours and the pets to help with this. We need all the help we can get!

8 - We continue to communicate with each other and I continue to talk telepathically and tune into your lost pet and we seek out the re-uniting of you and your beloved pet.

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