Q and A

What are the benefits of having an email reading? The benefits of email readings are many: 

1 - I can sit in the peace and quiet of my reading room, away from all distractions (phone, dog, family members) and concentrate solely on you and your reading.

2 - You can keep your reading and go over it as often as you like.

3 - Many of my clients have told me that they find great solace from going over my readings, even years later.

4 - You do not need to remember anything or record anything (and re-wind the recording), or write anything down, during your reading as it is all there in the email.

5 - Anyone, anywhere in the world can have an email reading from me.

6 - I can do your email reading at any time of the day or night - e.g. 5 a.m. or midnight.  Phone calls, Skype and private readings have to be done at set times of day and usually during office hours.

7 - For your email reading I can photograph any cards used and send these images via the email.

8 - Email readings really are an excellent way of getting answers to your questions and expert help and guidance from the Angels and Spirit World.

9 - Many psychics and psychic companies offer email readings to their clients.

10 - I have many satisfied customers and returning customers who have had email readings from me over the past forty years of my practice.

Do you do private readings? - Sometimes I visit clients and give a reading in their own home.  I do not have the facilities,  at the moment, to give readings in my own home.  Renting an office is not cost effective.  I would have to spend time travelling to and from that office and pay the rent.  Sometimes people book an appointment and do not turn up for it.  This is also one reason why I have stopped doing private readings.  People are also not prepared to pay a non-returnable deposit for their reading.  As mentioned before, it takes time to get to the office and I will have to pay a rent for that office - for home readings it is not simply a case of doing a one hour reading - more is involved - e.g. making sure we will not be disturbed by other family members, sorting out the dog and keeping the place neat, tidy and welcoming.  I am at this present moment looking into having an office, but that will take a while to sort out.

Do I have to be 18 years or older?  Yes, you do.  This is the law.  The law also states that my readings are for entertainment only.  I believe my readings educate people as well as give them help and guidance.  I also truly believe in the continuation of the spirit after death.

What types of readings do you do?  I do all kinds of reading.  I use angel tarot and angel oracle cards.  I also do readings without cards.  I do mediumship and animal communication.  I also give readings for just about any subject on this earth.  No problem is too great or too small or even too weird.  I have helped literally thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over this planet.  People with money problems, love problems, holiday problems, parenting problems - you name it - I have given a helpful reading for it.  Do not be shy when asking for a reading and also do not think that you are bothering  me either.  I love doing readings for people.  I enjoy helping people and I thoroughly enjoy working with spirit.  I particularly love doing animal communication.