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Today’s message with this card - and it does not matter when you see this message - it is still appropriate - as you have been drawn to the energy of this card - is:

“Be strong. Be determined and then you will succeed.”

Maybe you feel a little bit like a child again - when we are stressed then we often regress or go back in time to a similar time when we felt similar stress and distress. That is all that is happening, so nothing to worry about. It is common and it is natural.

You also feel a little sulky as you cannot seem to get your way. There is no need to fight. What you fight against you just get more of in your life and then things go from bad to worse.

Things are going to get brighter for you sooner than you think.

A lot of love and energy coming your way and things turning around very quickly for you. As if by magic!

©Barbara Burgess

Barbara Burgess

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator. Shaman. Healer. Member of The Guild of Energists. GoE Supermind Master. GoE Money Course Master. GoE Energy Symbols Master. Your Symbols Creator. Success Symbols Creator.