How to Give Angel Card Readings EBook instant download

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How to Give Angel Card Readings EBook instant download


How To Give Angel Card Readings - ebook - instant download for your convenience.

This ebook, which is based upon years of experience as a reader, will help you to be able to give angel card readings to yourself, family members, friends or even paying clients.

You can start your own psychic business and earn money!

I want you to experience what I have been experiencing for many years now, and that is the joy of giving Angel Card Readings to myself, friends, family and even paying clients.

I get an absolute thrill each time I use my cards. 

I love connecting with the Angels for the purpose of giving readings to people.

Not only have I learned much about the Angels and the Angelic Realms over the past number of years, but I have grown to love the cards and decks that I use.

I want to show you how to read the cards, how to interpret them and how to connect to the Angelic Realms in order to give readings to yourself, friends, family and clients.

This comprehensive ebook includes:

  1. Invocation

  2. Sacred Space.

  3. How to choose your angel cards.

  4. How to bless and cleanse your angel cards.

  5. White Light, Gold and Silver Sparkles Exercise.

  6. How to open up to spirit and the angels.

  7. How to close down after a session.

  8. How we receive messages from the angels.

  9. The difference between Angel Tarot cards and Angel Oracle cards.

  10. How to shuffle and choose your cards for your readings.

  11. One, Two and Three Card Spreads and Various Types of Questions answered.

  12. Celtic Cross Spread, Clock Face and Other Spreads.

  13. How to do a simple past, present and future reading.

  14. How to do other types of readings.

  15. How to give a reading to yourself, your family and friends and even clients.

  16. Who Are Your Specialists?

  17. How I would give an Angel Card Reading.

  18. Some dos and don'ts.

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