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Barbara Burgess is honest and trustworthy and her Psychic Readings are genuine.

Barbara can help you resolve many different types of problems in your life.

A Psychic Reading with Barbara will:

*often be sent on the day of purchase.

*be a quick way of getting answers.

*help you avoid stress.

*help you let go of worry.

*empower you.

*help you to be free to think your own thoughts and do as you want to do and not what others want you to do.

*help you find your way through the fog and mystery.

*help you feel clearer in your mind and more in control of your life.

*bring you freedom.

*help you with any money problems.

*help you with any work or home related issues.

*Help you with any love or relationship problems.

*Help you with any business related problems.

*An Email Psychic Reading or an Email Angel Reading with Barbara is really the very best value.  Barbara will be able to  focus and meditate on her  responses to your specific needs.  You will receive  a written copy (Word Document sent via email) that you can refer back to and even print off if you want to.  You also get an opportunity to come back on the reading for clarification.

  • Has your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or lover left you?
  • A Love Psychic Reading can help with the love and relationships area of your life.  Barbara will use the Romance Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue to help connect with this reading as well as tuning into Spirit and the Angels and not using any form of divination.


  • Are you going bankrupt or running out of money?
  • Is your business in trouble or are you looking to start a new business?
  • A financial Psychic Reading can help you sort this out.
  • A Life Purpose Psychic Reading or the use of Angel Tarot cards can help with this area of a person’s life.


  • Are there worries, problems and concerns at home or at work?
  • A Psychic Reading can bring you new ideas and new ways of thinking and thus help you improve your life.


  • Is there something that keeps on cropping up in your life?
  • An emotion?  A situation?
  • Something that often occurs in your life but you do not know why.
  • Maybe it is to do with a past life.
  • Often a fear can be related to a past life.
  • A Past Life Reading my be just what you need to help sort things out.
  • Ask Barbara for a Past Life Reading to help you sort things out in your life.


Barbara has helped hundreds of people, all over the world, improve their lives.

Barbara has over 35 years professional experience as a Psychic Reader, Angel Reader, Psychic Councellor and Agony Aunt.

Barbara’s Online, Email Psychic Readings are precise and to the point.  She does not waffle on in order to make the Psychic Reading look good nor does she use a large font in order to fill the pages.  She simply gets right on down to the point and uses her gifts to bring you the very best psychic reading.

No matter what is going wrong in your life at this very moment, or even what has happened to you in the past, or if you are worried about the future, a Psychic Reading from Barbara can give you invaluable guidance and advice.

A Psychic Reading with Barbara will help you see through the fog and find answers to the many difficult problems that life can through at you these days.

Barbara will use her natural gifts during a psychic reading.  She will draw on the Angel Tarot and Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine as a tool to help her connect to the Spirit and Angelic Realms.  Barbara also does Psychic Readings without the use of any divination tools, she simply connects to spirit and the angels.

Benefits of having a Psychic Reading with Barbara Burgess.

  • Barbara Burgess is an experienced Psychic Reader, Angel Communicator, Pet Psychic and Medium.  She will put her 35 plus years experience into your Psychic Reading and bring you the best messages, advice and information from the Angels, Spirit Guides and even loved ones, both human and animal who have passed over to the other side.
  • Barbara’s Psychic Readings are second to none.  She is trusted, gifted and one of the very best Psychic Readers around today.  Her online Email Psychic Readings are detailed, precise, informative and empathic.
  • The Angels are able to see the bigger picture and can give you a different perspective on your situation.
  • The Angels and Spirit Guides can help you to get more clarity on your situation.
  • You can keep your Email Psychic Reading and read it over and over.  Different things pop up out of the psychic reading whenever it is read.  This can be quite amazing!
  • Barbara’s Email Psychic Readings can be quite long and therefore you may not be able to digest all of the information in one go.  By keeping your Email Psychic Reading and going over it again and again, and maybe even making notes on how this email psychic reading can change your life, you will gain enormous benefit.
  • The Angels love to work with you.  The Angels are here to help you and guide you and bring you a better life.
  • Angel energy is a very soft and gentle and caring energy.
  • Barbara and the Angels will never judge or criticize you.
  • Your email psychic reading will be given in the strictest of confidence and no details will ever be divulged to anyone other than yourself.


You must be 18 years or older to have a psychic reading.
By law I must state that my psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

For general enquiries please use this form:


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